Portraits from 13th Annual Tour de Troit

A collection of candid portraits commissioned by the 13th Annual Tour de Troit.  With more than 6,000 participants, the Tour is Detroit's largest annual cycling event. The event offers two schedules: a leisurely 30-mile loop through Detroit's central city and a more aggressive 62-mile course. The purpose of the event is to encourage bicycling for health, fitness, and transportation in the storied capital of American auto manufacturing. As someone who bicycles for transportation and therapy, I stand behind this mission wholeheartedly. Detroit is a great place to bike. The Tour's attendance is testament to that. Click "Read more" to see the portraits in detail. 


Nocturnes [1.1 - 1.6]







In "Nocturnes" the body is photographed as if it is a moonlit landscape. Muted color, skewed perspective, blurred focus, and a constructed sky evoke the dreamlike unreality and disorientation we experience when our senses are handicapped by a sunless sky – when things are seldom what they first appear to be.  


Faces [#1 thru #6]

Faces [#1 of x]

Faces [#2 of x]

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Faces [#4 of x]

Faces [#5 of x]

                                             Faces [#6 of x]

Each of the 6 portraits in this first installment of the "Faces" series is an amalgam of all of the other portraits in this installment. In "Faces" my  intent is to explore the interconnectedness and universality of human experience.

 - Noah