Places so Dark [places 3.1–3.7]








"There are places so dark, 
they make you look. 
So quiet, they make you listen. 
So still, they make you move." 


A 1 a.m. bike ride through this Detroit neighborhood inspired this verse. It also inspired me to start a series that examines dark places and the emotions they evoke. This is the third entry in that on-going series. Each entry in the series is created within a one-block radius of the first photo in the entry. I make all of the images in Detroit. Late at night. Alone. When I'm out making these photos, I am simultaneously overwhelmed by the peacefulness of the sleeping city, awed by the nexus of natural beauty and human invention, and oftentimes unnerved by the desolation. I hope to convey these feelings in the images I make. Thank you for looking in.


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